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Touched by an Angel...

"I first met Shawn at a Bridal Expo, and we somehow kept bumping into one another. After our last run in, he invited me to one of his events which left me so impressed!

So, I immediately booked him for my date. I didn’t realize that our relationship would be solidified over time.

Throughout the course of the year, I trusted him to ensure our wedding was the wedding of our dreams, and we truly felt like Shawn expanded our budget to exceed all that we could ever think. Our wedding came together and went on without a hitch because of Shawn. Our bridal party and groomsmen did not live remote to Columbia,and while I had help from my Matron of Honor, in the thick of the moment when I needed someone physically there- Shawn was always around. He was there to be my support once I picked my dress, at every fitting, and was like my knight in shining armor when I needed to express my exact wishes about alterations. He was a great male support to my husband; he picked the suits and bowties for the groomsmen and the perfect shoes to set off my husband's attire.

Being a bride is one of the most stressful things one can ever endure before matrimony. Shawn was always on point. Majority of the time, he called me before I got around to calling him with queries on how things were going or what to do next. He would always make sure that I couldn’t micromanage a thing because it was covered and thought about even before I could ask.

As I come to think about it, I now see that all of the stress that I had during the process was what I put on myself, and came to realize that Shawn had covered everything; from the flowers to the vendors, and even helping me get the most out of our budget, he was always there. He is so polite, frugal, and has great negotiation skills. He had a great rapport with all of my vendors and exudes electrifying energy. I appreciate his creativity and how improvisational he was to help paint the picture of what our wedding would become the day of.

The day of our wedding, Shawn had everything under control. He was extremely efficient and lowered himself to be there to make sure I shined. He never stayed in one place, and whenever I wasn’t so enamored by my union under God with my husband, Shawn was there to give me a thumbs up and a well-received congratulations. He calmed both me and my father down before sending us down the aisle, and his energy electrified everyone he met.

After the wedding was over everyone had given an overwhelming applause and kudos to him for pulling off “the wedding of the year”, and I hope he knows how APPRECIATED he is. I’ve always said that I wanted to “win a wedding” as I waited for my King to find me, and Shawn made me feel like I’ve hit the lotto and every wedded request I wished, he granted. He made me feel royal and the Lord truly gifted us with so much favor to manifest a spiritual event beyond what I could’ve ever envisioned. My husband, Anthony always said that he wanted our wedding to trump over Cinderella’s, and because of Shawn, Cinderella may have to throw another wedding!

I can go on and on about how spectacular Shawn was in this process, and I hope anyone who reads this review truly gets to experience the expression of love and trust that I have now received and exchanged with Shawn. Being a new resident to South Carolina, I would actually be able to say that Shawn has become one of my most genuine friends. He has helped me when no one else could be there, and kept me calm when I was coming into what could’ve been the most stressful experience of my life. THANK YOU so much Shawn!

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Telly Mosley"

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